UPS AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

UPS AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • Visual inspection – We’ll look over all internal components, including assemblies, wiring, cables, and connectors.
  • Location check – We’ll make sure the area around the UPS system has proper clearance for safe maintenance.
  • Internal check for damage – Our team will look for swelling or leaks all around the power supply and circuit board.
  • Operation check – All parts will be assessed, including vents, vent caps, bearings, connections, capacitor.
  • Calibration – Meters and gauges will be checked, and readings recorded for any UPS recalibration.
  • Log test – Check over operational and error logs including alarm and system overview.
  • Connection check – Thorough test of AC and DC connectors
  • Firmware upgrade – We’ll check your UPS manufacturer’s firmware and updates in case your system can be updated and upgraded.
  • Black building test – We’ll simulate an outage to fully check your UPS can cope in the event of an emergency.