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Networking Solutions

Networking is an intrinsic part of the IT sector and can completely change its dimension. Almost every industry, be it IT or non-IT, requires networking at some stage for improvisation and gradual success.

Networking Solutions

BSTC Tech gives companies an edge over other Networking companies in Qatar in terms of intelligence and efficiency when it comes to establishing robust and expansive networking. Businesses benefit from enhanced flexibility, mobility, and scalability with wireless networking, whereas wired networking does not permit innovation or growth.

Wired networking is more reliable and efficient than wireless connectivity and facilitates faster transfer. In comparison to wireless networking, it generally provides higher security and stability. Using the services of networking companies in Qatar such BSTC Tech should help you save money while not compromising on quality.

Services Offered By Networking

Wired networking involves the use of a physical medium for data transmission between nodes. Because of its low cost and durability, the copper-based Ethernet cable is extensively used in enterprises for digital communications. An optical fiber can also be used to send data over the network and transmit that over long distances at higher speeds, but it is far more expensive and includes more fragile elements. Wireless Networking uses radio waves to send data over the air, allowing devices to establish a connection without the need for wires. Wireless LANs are the most well-known and widely utilized kind of wireless networking. Other alternatives include microwave, satellite, cellular connectivity, and Bluetooth.

Network Transformation Services
  • WIFI Solutions
  • Meeting Room & Conferencing Solutions
  • SD-WAN
  • IOT
  • Switching
  • Network Monitoring
  • Routing
  • Network Assessment & Consulting

Types Of Networking Are Commonly Used To Fulfill Specific Purposes

LAN Service

Local area network (LAN) is a collection of connected devices within a single specific location, such as for a home or an office. A wired connection (LAN) can differ in size from a single-user local, home network to a major commercial network with hundreds of thousands of access points for users. A LAN can contain both wired and wireless connections. The main aspect of a LAN, irrespective of the size, is that it connects units in a single, confined area.

WAN Service

A wide-area network (WAN) connects individuals, several LANs, and many end-user devices across a large geographic area. Because it is used to connect major organizations, various sites, remote employees, providers, and data centers, the Internet is also referred to as a wide-area network (WAN). Using the shared network, users are able to run apps and access vital data from anywhere. Physical connectivity in WANs can be provided through leased lines, cellular connections, satellite links, and other similar methods.

Enterprise Service

An enterprise network, which is developed for a large company, must fulfill strong security protocols and stringent, set standards. Because networking is critical for the running of any organization today, enterprise networks should be highly available, scalable, accessible, and durable. These networks should be designed, implemented, diagnosed, and repaired utilizing tools by professionals like network engineers, operators, and administrators. Any company network can benefit from LANs and WANs, especially when it comes to enterprise networking.

Service Provider Networking

Service providers employ WANs to connect individual clients or enterprises. They can offer leased lines as a basic connection to businesses or more elaborate, managed services. Consumers can also avail of internet and cellular services from service providers.

Networking Technology Used By Networking Companies

Switches, routers, and access points are among the specialized equipment used in networking systems. Switches are network-connected devices that enable secure connections for PCs, printers, servers, as well as other devices in households and firms. Access points are switches that connect devices to networks without the need for cables. Qatar networking businesses design and implement such technology to create reliable and secure connectivity.

Routers serve as dispatchers for connecting networks. They look at data that has to be transmitted via a network, figure out the best pathways for it, and then transmit it. Routers include devices that link your home or company to anywhere in the world while also protecting your personal information from an outside attack.

Nowadays, almost all switches feature some type of routing functionality. MAC and IP addresses are being used to distinguish devices and connections in a network. A MAC address is assigned number, given to a network interface card (NIC) by the device’s manufacturer. The IP address of a network is just the unique number assigned to it to help identify and locate it and its access points.

BSTC Tech offer modern infrastructures after analyzing your access & processing needs

With increased and high-traffic mobility and proliferation of IoT devices, the need for effective protection and detailed data encryption is necessary for any business organization. With integrated security, superior connectivity, and enhanced online threat detection systems, BSTC Tech proves to be the best partnering solution for business networking. It makes sure the business flows with a detailed structure of data management.

01. Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Management of traffic in central software-based processes to enable response to changing conditions quicker without restricting server access.

02. Intent Based Networking (IBN)

Built on SDN concepts, it adds agility and automates operations while monitoring performance, locating problems and defects, and providing overall security through the integration of all services in a business.

03. Virtualization

Segmenting the main network infrastructure to form overlay networks while customizing security and Quality of Service (QoS).

04. Controller Based Networking

Scaling networks and automating network operations by converting business requirements to a continually monitored setting for better performance and security.

05. Multi-Domain Integrations

Since larger enterprises are built on a number of domains and use different networks, cross-network integration entails sharing operating parameters for the intended purpose.

The important products and services that can be availed by partnering with BSTC Tech are as follows
  • Manage network services
  • Provide infrastructure for efficient networking
  • Provision of network consultation services and network integration services
  • Software-defined network provision
  • Centralized network management
  • Network services for a communication service provider
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