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Our special team assist in the APC UPS installation at your workplace and ensure effective power supply round the clock.

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The BSTC Tech serves as quality UPS suppliers in Qatar has a bonding with TRIPPLITE APC, Eaton who are the global manufacturer of power and connectivity solution. We also maintain a partnership with CAP certification. We, the TRIPPLITE premier partner with CAP certification provides all products and services offered by TRIPPLITE in the state of Qatar.

We specialize in APC UPS installation which is a smart type of UPS systems along with add -on and unique features. This type of system suits well for the heavily loaded organization. Connect with us through mail or phone to know more details related to UPS installation services Our special team assist in the APC UPS installation at your workplace and ensure effective power supply round the clock..

APC Online UPS System is a True Double Conversion Online UPS with the Scalable runtime. It offers higher efficiency with more management options and it also provides best in class power protection for a wide range of applications. APC Online UPS provides high-density, double conversion online power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs and light industrial applications. Some special applications include the use of single phase and three phase UPS for marine and global development as well. The equipment in industries like water /waste segments, bio-chemicals, transport, chemical, F & B, etc. has to survive in callous environments. APC UPS gives them the much-needed support with respect to power irregularities.

When the UPS or Battery detects a failure, the APC Smart UPS Online automatically switches over to utility power without dropping the load. The UPS is designed as per the need of the business and we, top-notch UPS dealers in Chennai offer only the best solution for you. Our complete after sales service is the reason why our relationship with the customer goes above and beyond the sale of UPS. The battery for the UPS can be replaced as and when necessary for the Back UPS, Smart UPS and Online Smart UPS. APC also has battery backup solutions for home computer systems, external servers and other electronic equipments.

UPS is an abbreviation of Uninterrupted Power Supply. This system is an essential need at home, offices, hospitals, etc. Data loss, equipment failure, fatal, etc can happen due to power failure. It is highly recommended to install the UPS to avoid unwanted consequences. The BSTC Tech offers quality UPS system along with the installation and maintenance service. We are the renowned UPS suppliers in Qatar. You can install either 3 phases or 2-phase UPS system as per the requirement.

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